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Das populärste Programm: Zuma Deluxe Deluxe
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Wir empfehlen uns: Nightmare Old Road 1.1
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Zombies Squad 2.0 durch Falco Software Company
Group "Alpha" performed a dangerous task. During the mission, the command lost contact with them and decided to send you to search for the missing soldiers. Upon arrival, you discovered that the Alpha fighters turned into bloodthirsty zombies. But th
Samudai 1.6 durch Falco Software Company
Samudai is a local multiplayer party fighter with Samurai Cats, lightning fast action, and multiple hazardous stages. Stand your ground against your friends and push them to their limit! Slash, dash and claw your way to victory defeating them through
RAKVAL 1.6 durch Falco Software Company
All of our lives - ILV, and you in it - Telegram. In this war, only the strongest will survive, who will be able to bypass all the blockages and invasions of enemies. You do not have to meet the enemy face to face, but what you do, will cause signifi
Pixel Tanks 1.8 durch Falco Software Company
Pixel tanks - a modern look at the old "tanks". In this game there are chips that are characteristic of modern games. Six types of tanks, each of which has unique characteristics, the possibility of playing together, 14 cards for an arcade game, expl
CUBIX JUMP 1.1 durch Falco Software Company
CUBIXJUMP is a very difficult platformer with puzzle elements. To complete the game, you have to jump through the spikes, find invisible blocks, solve puzzles, press levers and open doors. Good luck!
Wall Street Raider 8.72.0 durch Ronin Software
A highly sophisticated financial / stock market game and simulation in which you trade, invest and finagle in simulated 'live' environment. NOW INCLUDES FUTURES AND OPTIONS TRADING, interest rate swaps (derivatives) and trading of ETF's.
Zombie Terror 1.4 durch Falco Software Company
After the comet fell, fog fell on the city. Terrible screams rang out in the fog and people realized that it was no longer possible to live in this city. The comet was surrounded by the fall area and no one entered the terrible city. Since then, a lo
Destroy Zombie 1.4 durch Falco Software Company
Fog fell on the settlement. In the fog, the cries of unhidden people began to be heard. The fog penetrated inside and prevented breathing. People began to turn into zombies. Hungry zombies. The fog began to dissipate and people began to leave the hou
Nostalgia Sim Baseball 6.5 durch Nostalgia Sim Baseball
Nostalgia Simulation Baseball is a powerful baseball simulation game designed for baseball enthusiasts.