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Das populärste Programm: Zuma Deluxe Deluxe
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Wir empfehlen uns: Black Diggers 3.9
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Mafia 3.5 durch Falco Software Company
The Mafia... their reach now expands into a mini-card game with exciting gameplay. The player head a criminal cartel, which consists of Mafioso, corrupt cops, a rogue car fleet and other mercenaries. The goal of the game is to defeat competitors and
Ambulance Unfair War On Gaza 2.3 durch Falco Software Company
About Game Ambulance Unfair War on Gaza is a short, free, Arcade Racing-styled game in which the player, as an ambulance driver, save people critically injured in Gaza, Palestine.
African Devil 4 1.8 durch Falco Software Company
The Central African Republic is located in the heart of Africa, it is one of the most sparsely populated and poorest countries in the world. The protagonist is the Father of Malia, a native resident of the Central African Republic and a priest in the
Horrible Night Monsters 2 1.5 durch Falco Software Company
Once again, you heard a terrible scream break the silence at night, and you are afraid. Having decided to check, you returned to the village but it was deserted. Suddenly, behind you, the gnashing of teeth startles you. Turning around you saw a zombi
SecretBase In Old Castle 2 1.5 durch Falco Software Company
A base of monsters was discovered in the old castle. These are predators that prey on humans. But you are one of the best special forces. Can you protect people from these predators? Try to destroy the monster base in the old castle.
Sword King 1.2 durch Falco Software Company
Sword King is a action game, where the player has to save a hostages from monsters.
Evil Robots 1.2 durch Falco Software Company
Doomsday has come! Robots rebelled against humanity. Damned robots enslave the earth and destroy everything in its path. Only you can save humanity! Evil Robots is the classic defense of its base in the Rise of the Machine setting. Defend the base an
Battle In Lost City 2.1 durch Falco Software Company
In an abandoned city an arena was constructed for the battle between the mercenaries. Only the best of the best can survive in this city. Blast away and try to survive. There are a lot of weapons in the city, but you need to find them. Choose your ta
Magnetic Pairs 2.0 durch Falco Software Company
A game made in combination of arcade and easy-logic gameplay styles. You need to magnetize and connect all orbs with a same color in tasks for logic and fast reaction.