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Das populärste Programm: Luxor3 2.33
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Wir empfehlen uns: Babykey 7.2
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Epic Drag Pu ZOOls 5.0 durch Falco Software Company
In the game Epic drag puZOOls you can pass a set of levels of puzzles, from easy to difficult. You will need in the allotted time to collect in the correct order the particles of the whole picture of animals and enjoy the result. In the game you will
Jewel Quest 11.1 durch Falco Software Company
Jewel Quest is a member of the great game genre, "Three in a row" and will provide hours of fun time! The game uses simplicity, novel gameplay and beautiful music in the background to entice you to play for hours!
Bikini Puzzles 4.6 durch Falco Software Company
An exciting puzzle puzzle in which you have to collect 15 different photos with girls in a bikini. If you are at a loss, you can click the skip button and go to the next picture.
Math Mania 10.4 durch Falco Software Company
The goal of this game is to get the tile with the number 2048. In each round there is a tile with the number "2" with 90% probability, or "4" with 10% probability. The player can remove all the tiles of the playing field in one of the 4 sides by pres
Funny Puzzle 11.2 durch Falco Software Company
The fascinating puzzle with physics. You necessary to pass the level to difficulty miscellaneous. With each following level of the problem become all complex and complex. Necessary to show greater aptitude that to solve puted problems.
Sokoman 5 8.3 durch Falco Software Company
Sokoman 5 is a puzzle game in which you have to move the blocks on the marked spots. The complexity of the game lies in the limited place to work on the playing field to do the job, and you need to move the boxes in a certain order.
Space Ball 3.4 durch Falco Software Company
Space Ball is a game that includes an arcade and type of puzzle. You go into space, where you have to complete an array of tasks related to physics. But be prepared, things are not as simple as they first appear. The game currently has 10 levels, and
Cosmic Balance 5.9 durch Falco Software Company
You control a small space ship that will fly through a variety of space routes. Dodge tricky traps and clear obstacles to test your speed and reaction time. How to play? Your task is pass go through 33 space routes. The game has two types of control
Lunch For Mind Part 1 9.8 durch Falco Software Company
"Lunch for Mind" - a collection of interesting puzzles that contribute to the development of logical thinking and attentiveness. The first part of the game contains six mini-games, representing an interactive math problems, including such well-known